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salomes_pimp's Journal

tired of being mild
5 September 1980
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, 80's night, 80s music, alanis morissette, alice in wonderland, alix olson, alkaline trio, altered views of reality, amyzon, andrew bird, ani difranco, atlanta, biting, bjork, black box recorder, boys, brandon boyd, breathing, bright eyes, bring it on, buffy, but i'm a cheerleader, candles, cats, chronicles of narnia, cigarettes, clea duvall, dar williams, dashboard confessional, debbie gibson, deborah gibson, dogs, emo, evil friends, ferocious female freedom fighters, finch, fiona apple, fischerspooner, franka potente, friends, frou frou, future bible heros, garbage, gay, get up kids, gregg araki, guitars, hedwig, him, i am spoonbender, imogen heap, incubus, indie, innovox, interpol, james duval, jennifer nettles band, josie and the pussycats, just shoot me, kirsten dunst, ladytron, lilian jackson braun, locust, lords of acid, lovage, margaret cho, melissa ferrick, miss kittin, moonbabies, movies, music, narnia, natasha lyonne, nathan bexton, noise, nowhere, pagans, people, photography, piercings, poetry, pretty in pink, rachel leigh cook, rachel true, rent, rocks, rocky horror picture show, rope, run lola run, sarah michelle gellar, saved by the bell, saves the day, scooby doo, sex and the city, siamese cats, sixteen candles, skinny legs and all, sleep, someone else, song writing, songwriting, soul miner's daughter, spelling words correctly, stars, superman, synthpop, tattoos, team trivia, the (international) noise conspiracy, the ataris, the breakfast club, the cat who, the doom generation, the facts of life, the faint, the golden girls, the hives, the labyrinth, the living end, the notwists, the postal service, the strokes, the vines, the white stripes, theatre, thrashing hard, through the looking glass, thunderstorms, tom robbins, tori amos, tracy chapman, troma, vampires, vegetarian food, witches, word, writing, y kant tori read, you, your mom,